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March 1919 (cat#10186)
Judge Smith - Easy (USA Grade: 3)

March : Song of Socialism from 'In The Red' (cat#10301)
Michael Brand - Medium (USA Grade: 4)

March : The Cossack (cat#10298)
Rimmer arr. Geoffrey Brand - Med (USA Grade: 3.5)

March from 'A Moorside Suite' (cat#10267)
Holst arr. Geoffrey Brand - Easy (USA Grade: 3.5)

March of the Peers (Iolanthe) (cat#10237)
Sullivan arr. Edward Michaelson - Easy (USA Grade: 2)

March Punchinello (cat#10280)
Rimmer arr. Geoffrey Brand - Medium (USA Grade: 3.5)

March: Slaidburn (cat#10281)
Rimmer arr. Michael Brand - Very Easy (USA Grade: 1.5)

Marche Militaire (cat#10097)
Schubert arr. Stuart Johnson - Easy (USA Grade: 3)

Marching The Savoy (cat#10147)
Sullivan arr. Stuart Johnson - Very Easy (USA Grade: 2)

Marcia a Montecelio (cat#10229)
Siegfried Naumann - Advanced (USA Grade: 5)

Maritime Overture - A (cat#10011)
John Ireland - Advanced (USA Grade: 5)

Match Day (cat#10279)
Peter Meechan - Medium (USA Grade: 4)

Meditation (Opera: Thais) - Flute Feature (cat#10252)
Massenet arr. Geoffrey Brand - Easy (USA Grade: 3)

Men of Harlech (Concert March) (cat#10051)
Traditional arr. Robert Farnon - Medium (USA Grade: 4)

Mephistopheles (March) (cat#10012)
Shipley Douglas arr. D. Walker - Advanced (USA Grade: 5)

Moorside Suite (cat#10013)
Holst arr. D. Wright - Advanced (USA Grade: 4.5)