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Radetsky March (cat#10101)
Stuart Johnson - Easy (USA Grade: 2)

Resonance (cat#10170)
Bruce Fraser - Medium (USA Grade: 3.5)

Resurgam (cat#10015)
Eric Ball arr. Geoffrey Brand - Advanced (USA Grade: 5)

Rhapsody on an Old English Sea Song (cat#10057)
Stuart Johnson - Medium (USA Grade: 3.5)

Rhapsody on the Minstrel Boy (cat#10056)
Traditional arr. Robert Farnon - Medium (USA Grade: 3.5)

Robert The Bruce And The Spider (cat#10208)
Bruce Fraser - Very Easy (USA Grade: 2)

Rock and Roll for Band (cat#10058)
Kevin Thompson - Medium (USA Grade: 3.5)

Roman Times (cat#10259)
Bruce Fraser - Easy (USA Grade: 3)

Romance for Alto Saxophone and Wind Orchestra (cat#10059)
Derek Bourgeois - Medium (USA Grade: 3.5)

Rondeau from 'Abdelazer' (cat#10102)
Purcell arr. David Farnon - Easy (USA Grade: 3)

Rondo Grottesco (Overture) (cat#10060)
Derek Bourgeois - Medium (USA Grade: 4)

Rondo/March (cat#10114)
Stuart Johnson - Very Easy (USA Grade: 2)

Round The Horn (cat#10120)
Stuart Johnson - Very Easy (USA Grade: 2)

Royal Tournament (cat#10028)
Derek Bourgeois - Advanced (USA Grade: 4.5)

Rule Britannia (cat#10233)
Arne arr. Michael Brand - Medium (USA Grade: 4)

Rule Britannia (Last Night of the Proms II) (cat#10285)
Thomas Arne arr. Michael Brand - Very Easy (USA Grade: 2)

Rusalka's Song to The Moon (cat#10148)
Dvorak arr. David Farnon - Very Easy (USA Grade: 2)